Top 5 National Restaurants in Almaty

Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan is now the largest city in the country with a population of more than 2,5 million. Today it is a cultural, commercial and tourist center with luxurious hotels and restaurants, museums, clubs, and shopping malls. The acquaintance with Kazakh culture should be definitely started with traditional cuisine and the best places are restaurants with that special mood of oriental culture. In such a big cosmopolitan city like Almaty it is pretty hard to find a good restaurant, so here are the top 5 national restaurants in Almaty worth a try. 

National Restaurants in Almaty: Gakku

Address: Keremet Microrayon 7

Gakku restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy all the colors of national cuisine. Gakku mixes the traditions of Kazakh cuisine with modern service and details. Traditional Kazakh dishes and sweets are dominating the menu. Moreover, the recipes of most dishes haven’t changed for centuries and guests have a chance to become part of the lifestyle of nomads.

The interior corresponds to the philosophy of the restaurants. There is a huge hall for parties, four private rooms for guests and the most interesting part of the restaurant is a separate hall in the style of a yurt. The floor and walls are decorated with carpets in traditional ornaments. Wooden furniture completes the whole look of the restaurant. 

National Restaurants in Almaty: Yurta

Address: Koktobe Hill

One of the original restaurants of national cuisine is Yurta. It is located in one of the most picturesque places of Almaty, in Koktobe park, in the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge. The name of the restaurant speaks for itself. The huge yurt has several halls with wooden furniture. The walls are decorated with ornaments, carpets, and furs. The soft pouffe chairs are perfect to enjoy a delicious dessert and a cup of tea. 

The restaurant has a banquette hall for 500 guests. It is a wonderful place for parties. For private or family dinner there is a VIP hall and chaykhona. Every evening there is a live concert with a show in the main hall. 

And a few words about the menu and dishes. Yurta restaurant offers traditional dishes of Kazakh, Asian and international cuisine. The abundance of traditional meat dishes, snacks, soups and salads are completed with national soft drinks, a selection of teas and a wine cart. 

National Restaurants in Almaty: Zheti Kazyna

Address: Abylay Khan 58A

Another popular restaurant that will impress guests with rich interior and dishes of national cuisine is Zheti Kazyna. The name of the restaurant is translated as Seven treasures and indeed Zheti Kazyna is a real treasure. The facade of the restaurant immediately catches attention with its bright yellow walls decorated with traditional ornaments in blue. The interior of the spacious restaurant is a mixture of styles of eastern cultures including Kazakh, Uzbek, and Chinese. The menu interprets the versatility of styles; signature dishes of the restaurant are Uzbek pilaf and Kazakh beshbarmak with horse or lamb meat.

One of the most interesting and special moments of dinner in Zheti Kazyna is the tea ceremony. The traditions of the ceremony are very special; the important attribute of the tea table is Kazakh sweets. 

National Restaurants in Almaty: Baursak city

Address: Muratbaev st. 138

Baursak city is a cozy cafe with a modern interior and menu of traditional Kazakh dishes. The new way of serving national dishes has become a trend and today the restaurant is a popular place to spend time with friends and family. 

Warm-colored walls are decorated with designer items and traditional carpets. Tasty dishes and flawless service make the restaurant a top choice for the locals and guests. 

National Restaurants in Almaty: Qaimaq

Address: Abay 46A ave.

One of the newest restaurants of national cuisine that has already managed to conquer the admiration of guests is Qaimaq. The interior is thought out in detail: it is made in traditional colors yet everything is harmonious and elegant. The ceiling is decorated with steppe tumbleweed and artificial red apples. During holidays it is decorated with festive lights.

Qaimaq restaurant has large halls on two floors, several smaller private halls, and a summer terrace. It is a wonderful place to enjoy summer evenings in Almaty. 

Finally, the interior is completed with the appetizing aroma of traditional Kazakh, Uzbek and Central Asian dishes. The serving of dishes makes them look even tastier.

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