The State Museum of Nature of Armenia

The State Museum of Nature of Armenia was opened in 1952 in Yerevan. Until 2004 the museum was located in a building on the territory of the Blue Mosque. Then it was moved to a new building built thanks to sponsors, in particular, philanthropist Levon Aharonyan from Iran. Levon Aharonyan also presented more than 100 exhibits to the museum.

The State Museum of Nature is a storage of unique and valuable exhibits that are important both for the country and the whole region. The exhibits in the museum represent the ecological development of Armenia in different periods, including our days. More interesting exhibits are samples of flora and fauna of Armenian nature.

Besides regular exhibitions, the museum regularly hosts exhibitions from other countries. One of the most impressive is a collection of exotic butterflies.


Admission Fee: 300 AMD per person; Guide Fee: 1-25 persons 2 500 AMD, 26-50 persons 5 000 AMD

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 16.30, Sunday 11:00 - 16:00

Address: Yerevan, Tigran Mets ave, 34

Phone:  +374 11 54 25 116


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