The Legend of Duduk

Once upon a time Young Wind was flying over the picturesque mountainous area. Suddenly he saw a tree of an amazing beauty. Never before had he seen such a beautiful tree and got strongly impressed. Playing with its delicate flower petals and lightly touching the leaves, the Wind removed amazing tunes. When the Supreme Wind heard about that he got very angry and furiously destroyed almost all the vegetation of that area. The Young Wind did his best to save the tree, announcing that he was ready to do anything for saving it. On hearing these words the Supreme Wind said: «You can stay here but you will never be able to fly». Delighted, the Wind agreed to part with his wings, but the master stopped him with the words: “Your wings will stay with you, and you can take wing as soon as you wish, but once you do, your tree will die.” The Young Wind was not upset as he was glad to stay with the tree and not to loose his wings. And so the days passed until autumn came. The tree lost all its beautiful flowers and leaves which had been cheering the Wind up. He felt so bored while his brothers were having fun tearing the last leaves from the trees. The Wind couldn’t bear anymore and joined them. At that moment the amazing tree died, and only a small branch was left. After a while, a small boy seeking for brushwood found that brunch and made a small reed pipe from it. As soon as the reed pipe was played it mad sad tunes of parting.

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