Shaki Waterfall

Shaki is considered one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Armenia. It is located in Syunik region, which is famous for its historical and natural monuments.

The waterfall is formed on the Shaki River, on the inflow of Vorotan that falls into a deep gorge from a height of 18 meters. Despite the small height, Shaki waterfall has a large capacity, and the rumbling of water is heard from afar.

There is a legend connected with the Shaki waterfall. The story tells about the beautiful girl Shake, who rushed from the cliff, refusing to obey the will of the conquerors. While falling, the girl’s dress opened in the wind and turned into a waterfall. In honor of Shake, the waterfall was called Shaki.

The territory of Shaki waterfall was inhabited by ancient civilizations that left traces in rock niches and grottoes. A winding road leads to the waterfall, still, you will have to leave the car and get to the waterfall by a narrow path.


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