Mobile Operators in Tajikistan

The infrastructure of the mobile communication of Tajikistan was the least developed in Central Asia. The situation has much changed in the past few years and today they are several leading mobile operators providing high-quality service throughout the country. At this moment four major companies are operating on the territory of Tajikistan; Megafon, TCell, ZET-Mobile, and Babilon Mobile.

Mobile operators in Tajikistan: How to buy a sim card?

Sim cards of all operators can be bought on the border crossings. The only thing is that local sim cards are sold only for locals and foreigners who have already got registration (it means you need to have the address of stay be it a hotel or guest house). Unfortunately, none of the mobile operators offers tourist tariffs and sim cards. To buy a sim card you need to take registration by ID card or passport and digital fingerprint.

Mobile internet

Internet tariffs of Tajikistan mobile operators are not expensive yet high quality and stable connections are available only in the capital and couple of large towns. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are also available mostly in the hotels and cafes of Dushanbe and major tourist centres. Take into consideration that some of the social networks and websites may be blocked time and again.

Mobile operators in Tajikistan: TCell

TCell is the first operator with the largest coverage on the territory of Tajikistan. More than 2/3 locals are subscribers of the mobile operator. TCell offers 4G/LTE on the territory of the capital and several large cities, and 2G 3G throughout the country.

Sim cards are sold in shops, border crossings, and service centres. For guests of the country, the most interesting tariffs are internet packages with unlimited 4G internet starting from 61 TJS (6.30$).

Detailed information about all mobile tariffs and internet packages are available on the official website of the mobile operator.

Mobile operators in Tajikistan: Babilon Mobile

The local mobile operator is the second largest provider in Tajikistan. Every year it expands its LTE network coverage offering stable 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. Babilon-M has six tariff plans with 100, 250, 600, 1100, 1800, unlimited minutes and MBs starting from 15 TJS (1.55 $). The prices for internet packages start from 35 TJS (3.50$) for 1500 MB. More information is available on the official website of the mobile operator.

Mobile operators in Tajikistan: Megafon

Russian-based Megafon is the third-largest mobile operator with 20% of subscribers. Since 2014 it started offering 4G/LTE network in Dushanbe and Khujand. Today 4G/LTE is also available in Kurgan-Tube. Megafon sim card can be found in local stores for 5 TJS (0.50$). Tariff plans include packages of unlimited calls and SMS as well as up to 10 GB internet starting from 24 TJS (2.68 $).

For unlimited internet, Megafon offers two packages BIT 50 (45 TJS per month) and BIT 100 (76 TJS per month). The official website of Megafon Tajikistan is available only in Russian.

Mobile operators in Tajikistan: ZET-Mobile

After rebranding previously Beeline mobile operator is now available on the market as ZET- Mobile offering more than 20 monthly and weekly tariff plans for any purpose. Moreover, the mobile operator has separate internet packages up to 30GB for 225 TJS (23$). The information about tariff plans and prices is available on the official website of ZET-Mobile. The website is available in Russian.

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