The Legend of the Parandzem Spring

Queen Parandzem, the daughter of Prince Andok Syunik, was a very brave and strong woman. During a difficult war with the Persians, her husband, King Arshak, despite all courageous attempts to defend the country, was captured by the enemy and imprisoned. Queen Parandzem, without hesitation, took the place of her husband and continued her defensive struggle in the Artagers fortress, which so far remained unassailable. The Armenian troops defended the fortress courageously and steadfastly, but soon an epidemic of plague broke out in the garrison, and all but the queen perished from the disease. Persians easily captured Artagers, and Parandzem was seized and subjected to execution.

After her death, the people remembered a noble and intelligent ruler for a long time. The places where she was born were honored as sacred, and mothers brought their daughters to the spring where Parandzem used to quench thirst. Young girls drank water from the spring in the hope of becoming as strong and intelligent as their queen was once. Many years have passed since then, the cold spring dried up, but people still visit this place and touch the stones hoping to get at least a little strength and wisdom of Queen Parandzem.

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