The Legend of Jermuk Deer

Jermuk is a picturesque resort town of Armenia, famous for its therapeutic mineral waters. Every year hundreds of people come here to improve their health. The symbol of the town is a deer, and on the top of the hill, there is even a statue of a deer, looking over the landscape. This symbol is not accidental – there is an interesting legend associated with it. A long time ago in the forests of Jermuk, there were different wild animals, and people often went hunting in the woods for prey. One day a hunter wounded a deer with an arrow, and the animal, gathering the last strength, rushed to flee. The hunter followed the deer and suddenly saw him jumping into the lake, filled with mineral water. A moment later, the deer emerged from the water and there was not a trace of the wound on it. The amazed hunter returned to the village and told everyone about the miraculous properties of Jermuk water. The rumor about its healing properties spread over many cities and villages and the deer became the symbol of Jermuk.

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