Land Border-Cross in Central Asia

If you are travelling in Central Aisa and most probably you're going to cross borders between two countries, here are some tips and information that we think is useful to know about.

The transportation and the guides are not allowed to cross the border with tourists, so please be prepared to walk the neutral territory between the two custom posts and carry your luggage on your own. The neutral territory between the custom posts differs from country to country. Below you can see the difference between the custom posts and get a clearer idea.

Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border (Kordai) - Around 500 metres walking distance (with a special sidewalk for tourists)

Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan border (Dostlik) - Around 300 metres walking distance

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan border (Farab) - Around 800 metres walking distance (no special sidewalk)

Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border (Shavat) - Around 100 metres walking distance (no special sidewalk)

NOTE: There are shuttle buses on both sides of the Turkmenistan borders, which can drive you through. It may cost from 50 cents to 2 dollars per person.

Uzbekistan-Tajikstan border (Oibek) - Around 400 metres walking distance (no special sidewalk)

Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border (Chernayevka) - Around 300 metres walking distance

On all the borders customs let tourists pass first without a queue.

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