Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan

For any tourist traveling around a foreign country, it is very important to be in touch and maintain communication with friends and family. Fortunately, the modern world offers a variety of comfortable and not very expensive options, among which the cheapest and the most reliable is, of course, Wi-Fi. Armenia is also not far behind and offers a great opportunity for its guests who wish to stay in touch: wireless free space here can be found in many parts of the capital and surrounding areas. In this article we have tried to collect the most detailed and accurate information concerning the places offering free Wi-Fi:

Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan: Transport

If you plan to travel around Yerevan by public transport there is some good news for you: free internet is set here in 123 autobuses, about 10 subway stations, and many bus stops. Below you can get acquainted with the names of subway stations equipped with free Wi-Fi:

Sasunci David


Marshal Baghramyan


Republic Square

Zoravar Andranik



Garegin Nzhde


And on the buses with free Wi-Fi you will find large stickers: “Free Wi-Fi”.

Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan: Cafes and Restaurants

Most of the large and well-known cafés and restaurants of Yerevan are also equipped with free internet access. Below, we introduce you to the most popular and cozy places where you can have a good time with your laptop:



Marco Polo



Waffle House

Square One


Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan: Parks and Squares

As it was already mentioned in one of our travel articles, there are many cozy green parks in Yerevan where all the necessary conditions are created for a pleasant pastime. And you can take advantage of free internet in the following ones: Lover’s Park, Tumanyan Park, English garden, Davtashen Park, Mashtoc Park, Yerevan Zoo, the Republic Square.

Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan: Shopping centers

Huge shopping centers of Yerevan are no exception in terms of free access to the Internet. Yerevan Mall and Dalma Garden Mall offer you to do shopping in fashionable boutiques, relax in cafes, as well as stay in touch with your family and friends.

Free Wi-Fi in Yerevan: Libraries

The following libraries offer free internet:

National Library

Central Library after Avetik Isaakyan

Children’s Library after Khnko Aper

National Acadamy of Science

Musical Library

Fundamental Library

Besides the places mentioned above, it is important to note that all the hotel rooms in Yerevan are equipped with Internet access and the government plans to establish a wireless connection in the resort towns where it does not exist yet. So, as you can see, Yerevan can easily compete with any modern capital of the world in terms of free Internet connection.


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