Currency Exchange in Kazakhstan

Currency Exchange in Kazakhstan: Kazakh National Currency 

The national currency of Kazakhstan is Kazakh tenge with the international code of KZT. It came into circulation in Kazakhstan in 1993 and Kazakhstan was one of the last countries from the Soviet Union to leave the rouble zone. However, it should be mentioned that international banking here works the best compared to other Central Asian countries.

Currently, there are banknotes of the value of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 tenges and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 tenge coins. While travelling in the country keep in mind to have coins with you. It is known that in the country there is a constant lack of change and you might need them for transport, snacks or just other small things.

Currency Exchange in Kazakhstan: Exchange offices

Currency exchange is also available in most of the places. Main currencies that can be changed with tenge are US dollar, Euro, British pound, Kyrgyz sum, Chinese yuan, Russian rouble. It will be a bit difficult to get rid of Uzbek som, Tajik somoni or Mongolian tugrik.

Making international money transfer in Kazakhstan will not be a problem. In all the cities the local banks cooperating with international banks will make it possible.

Currency Exchange in Kazakhstan: Banks in Kazakhstan

ATM machines won't be a problem in Kazakhstan. You can find them easily in big cities. However, they might not be available in small towns. You can withdraw tenge or US dollars (some ATM also dispense dollars, but you need to check the location). You can use your Visa, Master or Maestro cards.

Below you can find contact information about some central banks operating in Kazakhstan. The information about the branches and their addresses you can find on the official websites presented below. The websites of the banks also provide information about the current KZT rate in relation to foreign currencies.

Jusan Bank

National Bank of Kazakhstan

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