Art Galleries in Armenia

The cultural center of Armenia is the capital with the main state museums and art galleries. Currently, there are more than a dozen art galleries in Yerevan, which actively participate in the cultural life of the country, presenting works of Armenian and foreign artists. Here is the list of the significant art galleries of Armenia, which are definitely worth a visit.

Art Galleries in Armenia: National Gallery
Address: Arami St., 1 Building
Tel: + 374-10-580812

The National Gallery of Armenia, which is part of the main museum complex, is the most important cultural object of the country. The museum complex, located on the Republic Square, is considered one of the largest museums in the CIS.

The National Gallery is divided into four thematic departments: the hall of Russian art, the department of Western European painting, Armenian inventive art, and the graphic hall. The hall of the Russian art presents the works of Repin, Petrov - Vodkin, Surikov, and Bryullov. In the department of Western European painting, canvases of such artists as Rubens, Chagall, Kandinsky, and Courbet are presented. Currently, the gallery funds hold about 25,000 works of art.

The art gallery regularly hosts temporary exhibitions of famous artists. One of the last events was the exhibition "Dali and Picasso" presenting a kind of dialogue between the two artists. The exhibition was a unique opportunity for residents and guests of the capital to become part of the creative heritage of the two most famous artists of the XX century.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Art Gallery Valmar
Address: Pavstos Buzandi St., 53-55 Building
Tel: + 374-10-580769

The Valmar Art Gallery was opened in 2004 and has been presenting graphic and pictorial works by Valmar (Volodya Margaryan) and his daughter Hripsime Margaryan for more than fifteen years. Every year the gallery opens a new thematic show.

The artist’s works are represented in art galleries not only in Armenia but also in the USA, Russia, Japan, France, and Spain.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Cultural Center "Hay-Art"
Address: Mashtotsi Ave., 7a Building
Tel: + 374-10-539196

On the initiative of the Municipality of Yerevan in 1997, the Hay-Art Cultural Center was opened in the city center as a unique platform for art and artists. The non-standard building of the art center in the form of a large barrel immediately attracts attention. Hay-Art is a space without politics and language barriers. It combines East and West to create art.

In addition to permanent expositions, the cultural center regularly hosts charity evenings, cultural events and international exhibitions.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Arev Art Gallery
Address: Teryan St., 19/32 Building
Tel: + 374-11-320035

Arev Art Gallery is the brainchild of the artist Arevik Petrosyan. The vigorous activity of the artist, including international exhibitions, finally led to the idea of ​​opening her own gallery for residents and guests of the capital. Arev Art Gallery was opened in 2015, in the very center of the capital, presenting a unique collection of works not only by the artist herself but also by famous sculptors Areg Petrosyan and Benik Petrosyan. The main part of the exhibition is the works of multi-colored plexiglass. The gallery exposition is regularly updated with new works, and each time visiting Arev-Art you can find something new for yourself.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Art Gallery "Arame"
Addresses: Mashtotsi Ave., 33/1 Building, Building 3, Amiryan St., 13 Building
Tel: + 374-10-539265, + 374-10-500097

The first Arame Art Gallery was founded in 2003 by collector Aram Sargsyan. The second gallery opened later in 2012 on the main avenue of the capital. The gallery presents the best works of famous Armenian artists. Currently, the works of more than 40 artists and sculptors are presented.

Along with the main exposition, exhibitions are regularly held in the art gallery. Тhe expositions have repeatedly participated in international exhibitions in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
Address: Pavstos Buzandi St., 1/3 Building
Tel: + 374-10-568225

The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA) was established in 1992 as a non-governmental organization. The purpose of opening the center was to create a special space for free expression of Armenian contemporary avant-garde artists. The center promotes the presentation of contemporary art by local artists both in Armenia and at international exhibitions. ACSEA works closely with the Armenian Diaspora and the art community to support and promote Armenian contemporary art.

In addition to a permanent exhibition, the center hosts all kinds of creative evenings and exhibitions, organizes theater performances and film festivals, music evenings and the annual festival of alternative art.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Art Gallery "Dalan"
Address: Abovyan St., 12
Tel: + 374-553307

The colorful and atmospheric art gallery of Dalan has become an integral part of the cultural life of the city. In one building there is a gift shop, art cafe, restaurant, tea house and, of course, the gallery itself. Here are collected works of 26 famous artists of the post-Soviet period.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Art Gallery "Nur"
Address: Amiryan St., 1 Building
Tel: + 374-60-747000

The founder of the studio “Nur Design” studio is Arman Nur, a talented sculptor, artist, and jeweler. After the gallery opened, the artist became a member of the Union of Designers of Armenia and the International Union of Designers. Over the years, the artist has repeatedly participated in international exhibitions and held personal exhibitions in Armenia and Europe.

The gallery presents collections of paintings, jewelry, and sculptures. Through his work, the artist conducts a dialogue with the viewer revealing his feelings.

Art Galleries in Armenia: "Gala Art"
Address: Byron St., 12 Building, Area 17
Tel: + 374-10-548838

For several years, Gala Art has remained in the center of attention of art lovers and artists. The gallery regularly exhibits paintings and sculptures not only by contemporary Armenian artists but also paintings of the XIX and XX centuries. More than 100 works of Armenian artists are presented in the Gala Art gallery, and the list of works is constantly changing and increasing. In addition to painting, the gallery presents jewelry and sculptures.

Art Galleries in Armenia: Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan sisters
Address: Abovyan St., 242, Gyumri
Tel: + 374-312-48205

The most famous gallery in Gyumri is the art gallery of the sisters Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan, which presents the most complete collection of paintings, ceramic and graphic works of the Aslamazyan sisters.

The gallery was opened in 1987 and currently has more than 600 works presented in the halls of the two-story gallery. The works of Eranui Aslamazyan are exhibited on the ground floor, and the works of Mariam Aslamazyan are on the second floor.

The gallery hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions, interactive tours and games.

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