Тop 7 Armenian and Georgian Cheeses You Must Try

Armenia and Georgia are famous not only for their wines but also for their delicious local cheese. Many do not even know that these countries have been making cheese for thousands of years. It's impossible to imagine any dinner table in these countries without a cheese platter, it is an accompaniment to any meals. So, what are the most common and tasty types of cheeses here? Let's discuss them below:


Lori is one of the most popular cheeses in Armenia, a true symbol of Armenian culture. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk, sometimes with the addition of buffalo milk. This semi-hard cheese with its delicate flavor combined with sharp and tangy notes is a versatile ingredient for various dishes, from khachapuri to salads and pastries. Its name originates not by chance: it was named after the beautiful region of Armenia - Lori, famous for its alpine meadows and rich nature. It is said that it was in this region that Lori cheese was first made. Lori can be bought in any store or supermarket in Armenia.


Another famous Armenian cheese is chanakh, which is popular among both locals and tourists. It is a brined cheese, white in color, with a soft texture. Chanakh is saltier than lori. It is often served as an appetizer. Wrap chanakh in fresh Armenian lavash along with local greens and get a very tasty snack. Since it is stored in salty brine, it is quite salty, but it can be soaked in fresh water before consumption if desired.


Eghegnadzor, a soft goat cheese with the addition of mountain herbs, is aged in clay pots, making it particularly aromatic and unique. Most often it is flavored with mountain aromatic dried thyme. In stores, Eghegnadzor cheese can be found in beautiful clay pots. This cheese does not have a uniform consistency: it is crumbly, resembling cottage cheese. It pairs very well with fresh tomatoes, so one way to enjoy it is to sprinkle eghegnadzor on a salad of tomatoes and greens. It can also be wrapped in fresh Armenian lavash and served with an assortment of greens.


Chechil cheese is another interesting type of cheese of Armenian origin that deserves attention. It consists of thin fibers that are collected into bundles. You can often see this cheese on sale in the form of a braid. Typically, such a braid is kept in a salt solution for 1-2 months. Sometimes you can find a smoked version of the cheese. Chechil has a pronounced sour-milk, salty taste. Smoked varieties have a slight spicy aftertaste.


Imeruli is one of the most popular cheeses in Georgia. This delicacy comes from the Imereti region. It is used as a filling for Imeretian khachapuri. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk and rennet, resulting in a white and tender cheese with a very mild taste, reminiscent of cottage cheese. In Georgia, it is also considered a good accompaniment to rosé and red wine. Enjoy the delicate taste of Imeruli by adding freshly baked hot local bread, shotis puri.


Sulguni is a legendary Georgian cheese from the Samegrelo region, which is popular far beyond the country's borders. Sulguni has a layered structure and a dense consistency, without any holes. It melts very well when heated, so it is somewhat reminiscent of mozzarella cheese. Its moderately salty taste and elastic texture make it ideal for preparing various dishes, from khachapuri to hot appetizers. One of the popular dishes with Sulguni cheese is baked mushrooms on ketsi with cheese.


Making tenili cheese is a very complex process and a real art, that is why tenili is included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. It is a fibrous extracted cheese from the Georgian historical region of Meskheti. Unlike the first two types, tenili is not very common, because the technology for its preparation is quite complex. In old times, such cheese was served in Georgian families only on holidays and special occasions, but now it can be easily found in supermarkets.

Above, we have described the most famous and common types of cheese in Armenia and Georgia. However, in these countries, you can also find completely unique types of cheese. For example, in Armenia, it is worth visiting Mikaelyan Family Farm located in the Gegharkunik province. Here, they produce cheeses with exclusive flavors: they age it in wine or brandy, add cinnamon, etc.

In Georgia, cheese enthusiasts are advised to visit the Poka Monastery, where nuns handcraft around 16 types of cheese.

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