Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan

Central Asia is one of the most mysterious regions full of secrets waiting to be explored. Uzbekistan is one of the countries in Central Asia with a rich history and a unique architecture. The greatest diversity of natural landscapes makes the country and region truly attractive for the lovers of adventure tourism. Besides traditional hiking tours, there are so many interesting ways to feel the adrenalin. 

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Cycling & Trekking

There are ideal trekking routes in Uzbekistan with amazing views of mountains, deserts and valleys. The diversity of routes includes both easy trails as well as complex routes with climbing in the mountains. The most popular routes for trekking are the southern mountainous regions of the country; the Victory Peak (7439m), Khan-Tengri Peak (6995m), the most exciting route to the Gissar ridge, Fan Mountains and much more. The best season for trekking in the mountains starts from March and lasts till November.

Central Asia is a popular destination for lovers of cycling. There are so many stories about those who found interesting cycling routes in Central Asia. In Uzbekistan, the main cycling routes repeat the Great Silk Road across the deserts and semi-deserts. Such tours are rather complicated, especially on the summer heat. The most impressive cities of the cycling tour are Bukhara and Samarkand on the Great Silk Road.

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Rock climbing

Rock climbing and mountaineering are top popular adventure tours in Uzbekistan. Mountains in Central Asia attract thousands of tourists with their amazing views and complexity. Western Tien-Shan is located in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Often tourists organize adventure tours in those three countries conquering the mountain peaks.  The territory is unique with its flora and fauna. Most of the species are found only in this region.

Yangiabad, Pigeon Gorge and Mountain Big Chimgan are popular directions for rock climbing. The rocks have ready bolt climbing tracks as well as new tracks that are less explored.

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Rafting

In spite of the fact that the climate of Uzbekistan is continental with deserts dominating, there are still full water rivers suitable for extreme rafting. Popular directions are Chatkal, Pskem, Ugam and Oygaing rivers. Chatkal river is of the fifth level of complexity. Rafting on Chatkal is not only dangerous moments on the river but also beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and picturesque gorges.

For professionals, Oygaing River is the best choice. It is of the sixth level of complexity. The beginners can enjoy rafting on Ugam River.

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Jeep tours

One of the most exciting adventure travel in Uzbekistan is jeep tour in the deserts. The Aral sea and the surrounding deserts are unique and exploring this region will be an unforgettable experience. During the crazy jeep tour, there will be a chance to see the empyrean landscapes of Ustyurt Plateau, Aral Sea, the cemetery of wracked ships, the abandoned city of Muynak, Mizdahkan necropolis, Kyzylkum desert and much more.

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Exploring the caves

Speleology is another interesting way of adventure tourism in Uzbekistan. The deepest caves of Asia including Boy-Bulok and Kievskaya are located on the territory of Uzbekistan. Kugitan and Baysuntau caves are no less interesting to explore.

Adventure Travel in Uzbekistan: Skiing & skating

Last but not least way of adventure tourism in Uzbekistan is skiing and skating. There are two popular ski resorts Beldersoy and Chimghan as well as a new ski resort being built in Bostanlik district. It promises to be of European standards with all the amenities and services.

The two operating resorts cannot be compared with popular ones in Europe or Russia, yet there offer low prices and perfect tracks for freeriding. There are plans to modernize the two resorts in the nearest future.

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