Yererouk Basilica

The Yererouk Basilica is located in the village of Yererouk (Anipemza), near the Akhuryan River, Shirak region. The basilica was built in the second half of the V century by the princes of the Kamsarakan family, who at that time owned those lands.

The basilica belonged to a majestic temple that was once built on a high stepped basement. Its main stone was large pink tuff. The temple had a large illuminated hall, which was divided by columns. Despite the fact that the temple is in ruins now, its powerful walls still remind of the unique architectural masterpiece of the V century.

The decorative elements and ornaments on the outer walls of the temple indicate a developed level of architecture. In addition to the temple, other buildings were discovered on the territory. The most interesting findings are the tunnels leading to the caves in the gorge. In the caves were found niches and statues. Many of the finds still cause controversy among scientists.


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