Yegishe Charents House Museum

Yegishe Charents House Museum was founded in 1975 in the house where the great poet lived. In 1987, in honor of the poet’s 90th anniversary, the museum was reconstructed and  the territory was expanded. Today the area of ​​the museum is 626.3 square meters including the memorial and the halls with expositions.

The sanctuary of the museum is the poet’s apartment. In the house, the interior and personal belongings are preserved in the same way they were during the life of Charents. The library of the poet is of unique value. In the late 30’s there were more than 6000 books in the collection of Charents’ library. Unfortunately most of the books were lost and now the library stores 1444 books.

The collection of the museum includes documents, manuscripts, photographs, books and everything that is connected with the name of the great poet. In addition to permanent exhibitions, literary evenings, exhibitions, presentations, concerts and meetings are regularly organized in the museum.

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-18:00

Address: Yerevan, Mesrop Mashtots ave., 17

Phone: +374 10 53 14 12


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