The Arch of Charents

On the way to Garni, not far from the village of Vokhchabert, there is an unremarkable arch. You would probably miss the arch unless you know what is hidden behind the it. Architect Rafael Israelyan dedicated the monument to the famous Armenian poet Yeghishe Charents, who loved and admired the beauty of Mount Ararat. The place was chosen accurately: from the arch, you will have the best view of Mount Ararat. The Arch of Charents was one of the favorite places of the poet. He used to spend time here in search of inspiration.

A double arch of stone stands on the top of a hill. As soon as you step in the arch you will see the majestic mountain and amazing landscape. The words from the poem of Charents are engraved on the arch:

«Pass the whole world, there’s no summit as white as that of Ararat,

Like glory road, unreachable, I love as well my Mount Massis!»


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