Booking Terms and Conditions in Arara Tour


How to book 

You can book the tour in one of the following ways:

Booking Terms

Once we've received your application and confirmed all the tour details with you, we will send you a deposit invoice. After the deposit of 200 euro (USD/AUD/GBP) per person is received, we will start your hotel reservation and other service booking and will send your Tour Voucher with all the trip details.

Payment Terms

The tours in Arara are paid in two parts: prepayment and final payment.

The non-refundable deposit (prepayment) of 200 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP should be made after you've booked the tour. The prepayment confirms your booking and allows your tour manager to start organizing your trip (hotel reservation, food, transportation, etc.). Please note, that if your tour price doesn't exceed 200 EUR you should make full payment in advance.

The final payment should be made either on the spot by card or 15 days before the start of the tour by bank transfer. We reserve the right to cancel your booking and apply the relevant cancellation charges (detailed below) if we do not receive all payments at the due time. For more detailed payment information and guide please check our Payment Тerms.

Payment Forms

Our company provides the following forms of prepayment:

Our company provides the following forms of final payment:


If you or a member of your group wants to cancel the tour, please, inform our company as soon as possible in writing form.

Rights and Obligations

Tours provided by our company are planned for many months before its inception and are not the subject of change or cancellation. Under the obligation of forced circumstances (weather, holidays) we can make some changes in the itinerary, however, all that relates to services and attractions will remain unchanged.

Please, also note that the prices of group tours are calculated for 2 people. If for any reason, there is 1 person left in the group, the price of the tour will increase.

We also request immediately and promptly report all complaints and any claims during the tour. If possible, all problems will be solved. If the tourist does not report any complaint, the compensation will not be implemented.

Please, also note that the company AraraTour is not liable for services not included in the tour price. Our responsibility is limited only to the extent provided by our tour.

Force majeure or any other event which is beyond our control and which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part frees both parties from liability or obligation. In case of Force majeure, we don’t issue any refund.


Tour operator Arara guarantees the refund of clients' money for unfulfilled services even in the case of the company's own insolvency or bankruptcy.