Smbataberd Fortress

Smbataberd Fortress is located in the Vayots Dzor region, near the village of Artabuinka and is considered one of the largest medieval fortresses in the region.

Historical Facts

The exact date of the construction of Smbataberd Fortress is unknown, but there is evidence that during the Avarayr battle between Armenians and Persians in the V century it already existed. 

From the defensive point of view, the fortress is ideally located: on all sides, it is surrounded by a deep gorge. In addition, the fortress is protected by powerful walls.
According to the legend, Smbataberd got its name in honor of one of the dukes of the Orbelyan dynasty. According to another version, it was named after Prince Smbat of Syunik in the X century.

In 2007, the fortress was restored, and now you can see the castle in its original form. The fortress had two entrances, the gates were built from basalt, the partition divided the fortress into the northern and southern parts.

How to get

Smbataberd Fortress is located 79 km far away from Yerevan, which is approximately a 3-hour drive. To reach the fortress you can take a bus, a taxi, rent a car or join a travel group. If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can take the number 557 from Kilikia bus station (the fee is about 2500 AMD ($5)) and get off in Jermuk. Then, you can take a taxi from Jermuk to reach the fortress (it will cost about 8700-10700 AMD ($18-$22)). If you travel by taxi from Yerevan, the way will take 2 hours 50 minutes and will cost about 14000-21000 AMD ($29-$43).


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