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Location: Armenia
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Paragliding Tour to Armenia

Paragliding tour to Armenia is a unique itinerary that our experts created for all extreme sensation lovers. You will have a great opportunity to enjoy amazing nature and get unforgettable experience and impressions. AraraTour Company is the only tour operator in the country, which organizes such kind of trips for its clients. Contact us in case you have any questions.


The highlights of the tour to Armenia

  • Stroll around the old capital of Armenia
  • Visit picturesque places and ancient parts of the country
  • Take part in paragliding and enjoy unforgettable emotions
  • Feel what the real extreme and adrenaline is

Day 1

Your journey will begin with the capital of Armenia – the ancient city of Yerevan. Walking along the city streets, you will enjoy the warm atmosphere, friendly smiles of local people and unique coloring of this wonderful ancient city. Those who wish will be able to visit various shops and buy souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. This day you will also have an opportunity to visit cognac factory “Ararat” and taste famous Armenian cognac.


Day 2

The second day is the key of our program, it prepared a special and unique experience for all extreme sensation lovers. We will go to Lake Sevan, one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The nature here is amazing and inspiring: azure surface of the lake, shimmering in the sun, picturesque mountains and hills. It is here in Tsovagyugh village where exciting tandem paragliding with an experienced pilot-instructor  will be organized for you. You do not need to have any knowledge or experience considering paragliding flights, as an experienced paraglider pilot will be with you from the very start till the landing. He will willingly explain everything happening in the air and show some tricks of piloting. At first, ride-off cars or the rope-way will take you to the take-off area, from where you will fly. Here amazing scenery of Armenian highlands opens in front of its visitors! Before the start, the pilot will give all the necessary instructions concerning taking-off and landing, after which the most interesting part will start! The passenger will only have to make a take-off run for 5-10 meters (depends on the wind strength) to start the flight, after which all your fears and doubts will remain on the ground and you will enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. Depending on weather conditions and the agreement of the pilot, you can take the control and steer the glider to experience the ease and joy of the flight. Don’t be upset in case you forgot to bring your camera, because during the flight you will be provided with the GoPro camera. Paragliding is an indescribable extreme emotion, sensation of freedom, which cannot be experienced on the ground and is difficult to be conveyed in words. Everyone should experience it!


Day 3

During this day, we will organize an excursion to the picturesque canyon of the river Azat. Here, deep in the bottom of the canyon, cave monastery Gegard is located which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And nearby, in the village of Garni, we will visit the temple “Garni” – the only preserved example of Hellenistic architecture in the Caucasus. Amazing surrounding landscapes with a deep gorge of the river Azat and Geghama ridge won’t leave anyone indifferent.


Day 4

The fourth day will begin with an excursion to Echmiadzin city, which is located not far from Yerevan. This place is considered the religious center of all Armenians because it is here that the residence of the Catholicos, the Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church is situated. Then our trip will continue to the ruins of Zvartnots temple. The temple was destroyed by a strong earthquake thousands of years ago, and in the early 20th-century temple ruins were found. Now they are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After the end of the tour, we will organize a farewell dinner with live music for you.


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Notes: Paragliding activity depends on weather conditions. In case of bad weather, we reserve the right to change the trip schedule and replace flight to the other day without excluding any excursion or activity including in tour price. 
The minimal number of people in a group is two persons.  

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to have any preliminary preparation for tandem paragliding?

    No, you don’t need to have any preparation or knowledge considering paragliding flights, as an experienced paraglider pilot will be with you from the very start till the landing.
  • What is the duration of the flight?

    The duration of the flight is 20 minutes.
  • What is the altitude of the flight?

    We fly up to 300 m from the start point.
  • Which season is the most suitable for paragliding?

    The paragliding season starts in June and ends in October.
  • What kind of clothes is necessary for paragliding?

    Clothes should be warm, always with long sleeves. You need to have sunglasses.