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Location: Armenia
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Archaeological Tour to Armenia

Archaeological Tour to Armenia will lead you to the most important archaeological sites. You will learn about valuable finds and exhibits, visit the historical places of the country. This tour is created for anyone who is interested in archaeological excavations and wants to learn more about the centuries-old history of the country. Together with AraraTour you will have an unforgettable journey through time!


The highlights of the tour to Armenia

  • Visit the main archeological sites of the country
  • Plunge into the ancient times and learn about the findings of Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and the Middle Ages
  • Have a look at the remains of the oldest winery in the world
  • Explore ancient petroglyphs
  • Have a look at the cuneiform inscription belonging to Urartian kings

Day 1

  • Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to the hotel
  • City tour around Yerevan
  • Visit to Matenadaran – the repository of both ancient Armenian and world’s manuscripts
  • Visit to the History Museum of Armenia which contains over 400,000 artifacts
  • Day 1 detailed

    After your arrival at Zvartnots airport, we will organize a transfer to the hotel for you. Your unforgettable journey will start from the ancient capital of Armenia – Yerevan. Walking along the city streets, you will enjoy the warm atmosphere, friendly smiles of local people and unique coloring of this wonderful ancient city. This day, you will also visit the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, Matenadaran, which is a repository of both ancient Armenian and world’s manuscripts. It offers the collection of more than 16,000 manuscripts that narrate about the ancient history of Armenian people and belong to the chroniclers of 10-13 centuries. After lunch, our tour will continue to the History Museum of Armenia, where you will plunge into the ancient times, walk through the dusty streets of the old city, and get acquainted with the everyday life of the 19th-century inhabitants. The museum contains over 400,000 artifacts representing the history of the country.

Day 2

  • Trip to the fortress-city of Metsamor, which is famous for its archaeological finds
  • The tour will continue to Holy Echmiadzin – religious center of all Armenians
  • Trip to Shengavit one of the most important archaeological sites of the early Bronze Age period
  • Day 2 detailed

    The second day prepares lots of interesting things for archeology lovers. After breakfast, you will go to the fortress-city of Metsamor, which is famous for its archaeological finds. Archaeological excavations here started in 1965 and continue till these days. During the excavations different cultural layers were found, which date to the Eneolithic, three periods of the Bronze Age, the period of iron developing and Middle Ages. The most famous finds are: agate frog -plummet and carnelian seal with Egyptian hieroglyphs belonging to the Babylonian kings. There is a Historical and Archaeological Museum in the city, which will introduce you to different archaeological finds. Next, the tour will continue to Holy Echmiadzin (religious center of all Armenians), and after a short lunch a wonderful journey to Shengavit is waiting for you. Shengavit settlement is one of the most important archaeological sites of the early Bronze Age period in Armenia. It consists of four archaeological levels. In this territory, many interesting ancient things were found, including a variety of tools and household.

Day 3

  • Trip to the monastery of Geghard – the UNESCO object in Armenia
  • The tour continues to the village of Garni known for Hellenistic Garni temple
  • Return to Yerevan
  • Excursion to the Museum of History of Yerevan
  • Day 3 detailed

    The third day begins with a tour to Garni and Geghard. Cave monastery of Geghard is an example of medieval Armenian architecture of the 13-th century and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After a trip to the monastery, the tour continues to the village of Garni, where the temple Garni built in the Hellenistic style in 76 AD is located. In the village of Garni, we will organize a delicious lunch, after which we are going to visit the Museum of History of Yerevan. Crossing the threshold of the museum, you will begin an exciting and unforgettable journey through time. It offers different exhibits and valuable archaeological finds that were discovered during excavations of the fortress of Erebuni. Leaving the museum, you can buy some copies of various exhibits and take home not only unforgettable memories but also some pieces of cultural peculiarities of Armenia. Near the museum, the remains of the Erebuni fortress are located. You’ll see how people lived in 782 BC, as well as walk through the different rooms of the fortress.

Day 4

  • Trip to the Southern Armenia
  • Visit to Khor Virap monastery which offers an amazing view of Mount Ararat
  • Exploration of the ruins of the ancient city Artashat
  • Trip to Noravank Monastery
  • Exploration of Areni Caves where the archaeologists have found the oldest winery and the oldest shoe in the world
  • Day 4 detailed

    On the fourth day, the excursion will start from the south of Armenia. Here, about 40 km from Yerevan, on the site of the ancient capital of Armenia, stands the monastery of Khor Virap. Near the monastery, there is an underground prison, where for 13 years St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned because of his faith. Nowhere will you find such a beautiful view of the Biblical Mount Ararat. Here you can also see the ruins of the ancient city Artashat. Excavations have discovered amazing things in this area: coins, stamps, the remains of the temple, citadel, and markets. Further, the tour continues to the Noravank Monastery and then after delicious dinner, to the Areni Caves. Archeological excavations have started here since 2007, and lots of materials dated to 4200-3500 BC have been found. The greatest interest and popularity have the findings of the oldest shoes and the oldest winery in the world. This winery includes a tub for fermentation, a wine press and vessels for wine storage. It is suggested that the winery is 1,000 years older than the one found in 1963 on the West Bank.

Day 5

  • Trip to Tatev Monastery – the gem of Armenian medieval architecture
  • Excursion to Zorats Carer (Karahunj) – a prehistoric archaeological site and an ancient observatory
  • Trip to Hermon
  • Day 5 detailed

    After a small breakfast in Goris, we continue our way to Tatev – the gem of Armenian medieval architecture.  Here, anyone who wishes can take the longest cable in the world, which extends over the gorge Vorotan (depth – 320 meters). A little later, after a delicious lunch, we will visit an interesting and surprising place – Zorats Carer (Karahunj). Zorats Carer is a prehistoric archaeological site, where at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level, an ancient megalithic complex is located. Just from the road you will see a series of giant red-brown monoliths that stretch from the south to the north, and form a perfect circle in the center. It has been proven that Karahunj once served as an observatory, built in VI millennium BC. In many stelae, there are holes that correspond to the location of stars in the sky 7.5 thousand years ago. Hence our way lies to Hermon, where you will stay for the night.

Day 6

  • Trip to Muradsar Mount known for its ancient petroglyphs
  • Picnic and return to Hermon
  • Day 6 detailed

    The sixth day starts with breakfast at the hotel and then continues to Muradsar Mount. You will have a long and unforgettable journey in off-road cars. Here, on the cliffs of the Mount Muradsar, about a hundred amazing petroglyphs were found. In addition to studying the petroglyphs, we will hold a picnic here and go back to the hotel in Hermon (26 km). In the hotel LucyTour you can have a good rest and a good time. There is a billiard, spa salon, sauna, and various other services for a pleasant and comfortable leisure.


Day 7

  • Trip to Selim Pass which is a part of the Great Silk Road
  • The tour will continue to Lchashen – one of the most important archaeological sites in Armenia
  • Return to Yerevan
  • Day 7 detailed

    On the seventh day, you will visit Selim Pass, which is located at an altitude of 2500m. It offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. In ancient times, the Great Silk Road passed here, and Selim Caravanserai provided caravans with lodging. Next, we continue our way to the village Lchashen, in the eastern part of which there is a historic district – one of the most important archaeological sites in Armenia. Here, a few decades ago, there was a decrease in water level in Lake Sevan, and archaeologists discovered the amazing ancient tombs. Now at this territory, you can see a complex of archaeological sites, which includes a cyclopean fortress, burial grounds, and a big stone with a cuneiform inscription of Urartian king Argishti the First. After studying the monuments, we will return to Yerevan, where you will have a rest at the hotel.

Day 8

  • Trip to the historical and cultural reserve Agarak
  • The way will continue to the village Oshakan – the motherland of the creator of Armenian alphabet
  • Day 8 detailed

    On the last day, we will go to the historical and cultural reserve Agarak that should not be missed by any archeology lover. This settlement Agarak is located 25 km from Yerevan. Since 2001, archaeological excavations are carried out here, which showed that the area began to be settled in the first quarter of the third millennium. During large-scale studies, different ancient materials were discovered such as remains of ancient streets, miscellaneous goods of Van Kingdom, tombs, pottery of the 8-6 century BC, as well as coins of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. After the tour, a wonderful picnic in the fresh air will be organized for you, and then our way continues to the village Oshakan. Here the tomb of great Armenian enlightener and creator of alphabet Mesrop Mashtots is located. And next to the grave is the church of St. Mesrop Mashtots. After the tour, we will return to the city, where you will have a great opportunity to visit shops and buy different souvenirs for family and friends. And at the end of the day, we will arrange a farewell dinner with live music for you.

Day 9

Transfer to the airport, departure

The price of the tour is 1,177 EUR per person

The single supplement is 118 EUR per person

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Detailed Trip Information

  • The price of the tour includes:

    • Airport transfers
    • Half board (breakfast + lunch )
    • Accommodation in hotels 8 nights (double rooms with free WiFi)
    • All transfers in air-conditioned transport
    • Service of professional archeologist – guide  for 8 days
    • All admission fees
    • 1 bottle (0,5 l) of water per day
    • Local SIM card

    The price doesn’t include:

    • Flights
    • Medical insurance
  • Hotel in Yerevan: 3 * Cascade Hotel is located in the city center within walking distance of the main attractions:

    Hotel in Goris: Christy Hotel is located in the centre of Goris, famous for its old buildings and medieval cave-dwellings.

    Hotel in Hermon: Lucytour Hotel is located in a picturesque place in the mountains of Armenia at an altitude of 1720 meters above sea level.

    4* Hotel supplement – 72 EUR

    • Documents:
    • Passport, flight ticket (printed or electronic), insurance, visa (if required)

    • First aid kit:
    • bandaids / plasters, special medicine or drugs in permanent use, antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream, lip balm

    • Essentials:
    • Credit/debit cards, cash (cards can be used in city, cash in regions), moneybelt, laptop/tablet/phone, chargers, camera with extra memory cards and batteries, outlet adapter

    • Dressing:
    • There are no restrictions regarding clothes; scarf or shawl is advisable for churches (obligatory in Georgia for women)

    • Spring / Autumn
    • long pants/jeans, long sleeve blouses, light raincoat, jacket, comfortable waterproof shoes, umbrella

    • Summer
    • T-shirts, shorts, long sleeve blouses for evening, sandals, umbrella, sun protection, sun glasses, sunhat

    • Winter
    • Warm coat, warm wool sweater, long warm trousers, long boots (waterproof), scarf, gloves

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