Yerevan History Museum

The very first museum in Yerevan, the museum of the history of the city, was opened in 1931. This is unique storage of more than 80,000 exhibits, which are distributed and represented by epochs since the founding of the fortress of Erebuni.

The museum was opened in the building of the “Blue Mosque”, in 1995 it was moved to the building of the girls’ gymnasium, and finally, in 2005 the museum was moved to a separate hall attached to the Yerevan City Hall building.

The exhibits represent the culture and traditions of the Armenian people. First you'll see the most important museum's relic - the cuneiform of Urartian king Argishti I, which indicated the city's foundation date – 782 BC. The most unique and ancient museum exhibits are weapons and decoration items found in the Yerevan cave. The collection also includes finds of the Hellenistic period. The museum also presents items of the Middle Ages including relics from the first churches, as well as doors and bells. Particular attention is drawn to typographic machines, paintings of Armenian artists, the first phones and the golden watch of Nicholas I.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00-17:30

Address: Yerevan, Argishti st., 1

Phone: +374 10 56 81 09


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