Monument of Vahan Teryan

Vahan Teryan, the great romanticist, poet, statesman and literary critic played an integral part in the culture of Armenia. His contribution to Armenian literature is invaluable and his name will definitely remain in history as one of the great figures of Armenia. Vahan Teryan left 400 poems and more than 30 literary articles. He also participated in the October Revolution and the Civil War. The poet died in 1920 and was buried in Orenburg. Unfortunately, the place of the grave is unknown. In 1970, the ground was brought from the cemetery and buried in Yerevan, in Komitas pantheon.

On February 9, 2000, on the 115th anniversary of Vahan Teryan, in memory of the great poet, his monument was opened in Yerevan. The statue of Teryan is located on Circular Boulevard, near Teryana Street that was named after the poet. The authors of the basalt monument are the architect Hamlet Khachatryan and Norayr Karganyan.


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