Kobayr Monastery

The ruins of the Kobayr Monastery are located above the gorge of the Debed River, near the town of Tumanyan, Lori Region. The monastery complex was built in the XII century and belonged to the Kurikian family.

The name of the monastery originates from the Georgian word “kob” and the Armenian "ayr", "kobayr" means "a cave". It got its name due to the surrounding landscapes. On the territory of the monastery, there is the main gate, the church of Katohike, the church of Mariamashen, the bell tower, and the refectory.

The walls of the main church are decorated with ancient frescoes, depicting Our Lady and archangels, the Eucharist and faces of other saints. The altar is decorated with images of prophets.

At one time the monastery was a cultural center. In the XIII century, Zakaryan’s family moved to Kobayr Chalcedony flock, and this was the dawn of the monastery. However, after the departure of the Armenian Chalcedonites, life eventually ended in the monastery.


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