Kasakh Waterfall

There are several picturesque waterfalls in Armenia and one of them is the Kasakh waterfall. The natural landmark is located near the village of Ovanavan, in the Aragatsotn region. The Kasakh waterfall is the highest in Armenia (70 meters). A stormy waterfall is formed from the Kasakh River. It bursts from the high rocks and falls into a gorge.

Kasakh waterfall with powerful rocks, dense greenery and surrounding nature truly fascinates. The ancient monastery of Ovanavank completes the idyll of the landscape. The monastery is located on the other side of the gorge, at the cliff, opposite the waterfall. The monastery complex of Ovanavank attracts with its unique architecture and rich decoration. The most ancient building of the monastery is the church of St. Gregory of the V century. Your trip to Kasakh waterfall will be complete if only you visit Ovanavank monastery. The solitude and divine silence of the monastery is disturbed by the thunder of the waterfall.


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