Ijevan is a small cozy town of Armenia located at the foot of Ijevan ridge at a distance of 142 km to the north of Yerevan. The town is the administrative center of Tavush region. Ijevan is surrounded by picturesque wooded mountains – exactly on this territory falls about 60% of Armenia’s forests. A forest flora is very diverse: oak, ash, beech trees, various fruit trees and berry bushes.

The climate is mild and pleasant, the winter frosts occur very rarely, snow falls each year. In summer, the weather is warm with an average temperature of +23 C.

There are no much tourist attractions in Ijevan. In the very center, you can visit the park, where are located the sculptures of world masters. It is also the great place for a rest.

Ijevan is also famous for its exotic botanic garden, which presents a variety of plant species.

In front of the entrance to the town, there is the local winery, famous for fine wines.

Not far from Ijevan in the village of Achajur you can visit the monastery of X-XIII centuries – Makaravank. This is a valuable medieval monument of great historical and cultural value.

The surroundings of the city is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, caves. This is a great place for outdoor activities: hiking, biking, horseback riding.

The town is also famous for its ancient traditions of carpet weaving. Here you can get acquainted with the beautiful works of masters and purchase the most favorite ones.

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