Ancient city Andijan, one of the major cities in Uzbekistan, is an administrative, economic and cultural centre in Andijan Province. The city is located in the southwestern part of Fergana Valley which lays over eastern Uzbekistan, northern Tajikistan and southern Kyrgyzstan. In some areas of the city were found the 7th and 8th centuries historical and archaeological objects. Andijan city, famous for Central Asian and Timurid ruler Babur’s birthplace, has also an important part in Great Silk Road.

Moreover, the city is the main industrial town of Uzbekistan, which includes chemicals, household appliances, electronics, food, furniture, ploughs, pumps, shoes, spares for agricultural machinery, various engineering tools and wheelchairs.

Besides the only survived architectural building Jami Complex from the earthquake constructed at the end of the 19th century, other architectural buildings were destroyed in 1902. The height of madrasa is 123 metres, the area of the complex takes 1,5 hectares which includes madrasa, mosque and minaret.

Nowadays, the sunny beautiful city Andijan is becoming more attractive via constructing new modern buildings, expanding entertainment and shopping centres, covering by green gardens, parks and squares. Therefore, Andijan Province is famous for its holy places, such as Imam Ota Mosque, Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur and Shirmanbulak spring. However, the most famous of holy places is Teshik-Tash Cave which has a look of giant’s legs.

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