House-museum of Hovhannes Shiraz

The house-museum of Hovhannes Shiraz is located in Gyumri, in the hometown of the poet, in an old mansion of the XIX century. The mansion of black and red stone has a beautiful front gate and there is a large courtyard behind the gate. In 1983 Shiraz received a mansion as a present, he lived there only a year.

After the earthquake in 1988, the mansion became a temporary home for the families who lost their houses. Only in 2003 the house-museum of Shiraz was opened in the mansion.

Thanks to the invaluable contribution of poet’s friends and family, today the museum displays the legacy of the great poet. The museum exhibits personal things, books and manuscripts of Shiraz. In spite of the fact that the poet lived in the house only one year, the spirit of his great talent is present in the museum.


Opening Hours: Tuesday 09:00-18:00, Wednesday-Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00

Address:  Shirak мarz, Gyumri, Gorki st.

Phone: +374 31 25 51 42; +374 94 05 51 42


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