House-Museum of Derenik Demirchyan

The house-museum of the famous Armenian dramatist Derenik Demirchyan was opened by the writer's centenary. The museum is located in the house where Derenik lived since 1929 and died. The interior of the apartment is left untouched just like it was during Demirchyan's lifetime.

The house museum has three rooms each of which presents different stages of life and creative development of the playwright. The first room presents works and materials that relate to the early period of the writer's work. The second is Demirchyan's office. The third room exhibits materials from the last years of the writer's work. There is also an exhibition hall where all the books and works of the playwright are presented.

In the museum there is a bronze sculpture of Demirchyan (the author is Nikoghosyan), personal things, and writer's violin.


Admission Fee: esposition fee 300 AMD; in Armenian 1500 AMD, in Russian 2000 AMD; on last Saturday of per month is free

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday  11:00 - 16:00

Address: Yerevan, Abovyan st., apt. 4, 29

Phone: +374 10 52 77 74



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