Havuts Tar Monastery

The Havuts Tar is located near the pagan temple of Garni, on the left bank of the Azat River, in the heart of Khosrov Reserve. Along with the popular sights on the territory, the monastery is abandoned, and in this all the beauty and uniqueness of the ancient building is.

There is a path leading to the monastery, which can be reached only on foot. Along the path, there are khachkars – special signs to the monastery.

The ancient construction stands on a hill. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the pagan temple and the gorge from the temple. The main church of Amenaprkich was badly damaged during the earthquake in 1679. Now only ruins are left from ruins: an arch, a wall, and an altar. Despite the destroyed walls, the monastery looks harmonious against the background of the mountains and gorge.


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