Favorite site in the Caucasus
Ani believes that the ruins of Zvartnots Temple is one of the most magnificent structures of its times.
Why guide?
She has 9-year experience as a guide. For Ani her profession is a possibility to get acquainted with new people with different culture and way of thinking, to learn from them and to represent her uniquely beautiful country.
Random Facts
Ani leads cultural and religious tours. She will always be there to answer all your questions during the tour. She loves and represents Armenia in such a beautiful way that after your tour you will remember our country for a very long time.
Guide reviews

Lynda Van, Den Akker

We enjoyed the trip very much and the range and location of the hotels was great. The Callisto in Baku was particularly nice.
Guides were great and we had some memorable experiences.
Thank you so much for all the assistance you have provided.
Lynda Van Den Akker

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Bernd Niemeyer

Dear Zara, Thank you for organising a fantastic trip for me. The itinerary was great for getting a first impression of the region and I will come back to explore at a slower pace more in depth. The guides were all great, but Ani, our guide in Armenia, deserves a special mention. She was the one of best guides I had anywhere throughout my 40-odd years of travelling!

Kind regards,

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Fiona Quinn

Can’t believe we finally could make this trip. We planned to travel to Georgia and Armenia back in 2020 but the pandemic cancelled all of our plans. Finally we were able to travel in April after getting the vaccine.
Armenia turned out to be an absolute delight. The history and the journey this country has gone through is terrifying. It’s beauty has no limits, we were enchanted by the nature and views in Dilijan, the breathtaking Khor virap and Hagpat monasteries...
The services are of high quality, the hotel was very good located, near Cascade complex, all the sites nearby and easy to reach.
Georgia was a country of contrasts and captivating beauty. We very much liked Telavi, the cozy wine town where we had a memorable excursion to the Kareba Winery. This was an experience to remember.
As for the guides, both Ani and Tazo were amazing. Very professional, hard working and enthusiastic young people who would make you fall in love with their countries.
Thank you Arara team for organizing our holidays in your special region.

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