Bear Cave


Bear Cave is located in Vayots Dzor region, 7 km from Areni village, in the area where there is one more important sight – the cave of Areni. Bear Cave was discovered in 1940 and is considered the longest, the deepest and the most mysterious among all existing caves in Armenia.

The name of the cave is associated with the finding – at the depth of 300 m there were found the bones of an ancient bear.





The cave is a complex labyrinth with passages and halls. The depth is 700 m, the length is 3.5 m. The walls in each room are covered with stalactites and stalagnates of different colors, and carbonate deposits in places. In the cave there is a mysterious atmosphere, you can hear every single whistle and click. The stalagmites echo every movement. The permanent inhabitants of the caves are rare species of bats.



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