Armenia and Georgia: Mentality and Character of the People

Armenia and Georgia are two countries surrounded by majestic mountains and imbued with the spirit of ancient traditions. Their peoples have a unique mentality that has been formed over the centuries and still retains its uniqueness. Keep reading and you will learn interesting facts about the mentality of Armenian and Georgians. 



Armenians are very warm, welcoming, hospitable people with a good sense of humor. They highly respect their ancestors, traditions, their language and are very proud of their homeland. Of course, any nation has its shortcomings and you will learn about them below.

Interpersonal Relationships

In Armenia, there is a deep respect for elders and a great love for children. They believe that men are the "heads" of everything, and women are the keepers of the home. Of course, local society is not without its shortcomings, and in some overly conservative families, these roles can sometimes lead to restrictions in self-realization and career growth for women.

Armenians are very hospitable people. It is common for locals to invite unfamiliar foreign tourists to their homes and generously treat them.

When addressing unfamiliar people (for example, shopkeepers) Armenians often use words indicating family relations, like "kuyrik" (little sister), "opar" (uncle or father's brother), "morkuyr" (aunt or mother's sister), and "mayrik" (mom). The affectionate term "jan" (dear) which has no direct translation is also frequently used in communication. 

Armenian culture places significant emphasis on relationships with neighbors. Neighbors are considered part of the extended family, and Armenians strive to maintain friendly relations with them. This is evident in their willingness to help each other, share products, and uphold common traditions and celebrations. It is not uncommon to see people leaving their front doors unlocked so neighbors can drop by for coffee at any time.


When Armenians meet, they usually exchange friendly handshakes or kiss each other on the cheek. This gesture of warmth and respect helps create a friendly atmosphere right from the beginning of the interaction.

Personal Boundaries

In Armenia, people may ask personal questions and inquire extensively about one's life. This is considered a sign of friendliness and interest in the conversation partner.


Armenians never hurry; they don't like rushing or hurrying to places. When meeting acquaintances on the street, locals happily stop to chat. Therefore, tardiness is common, but it's important not to judge the locals, as it adds a unique flavor to the Caucasian way of life.

Love for the Country

Armenians are true patriots. They deeply love their homeland and are proud of their country, and always ask tourists if they enjoyed their time in Armenia.


From their ancient ancestors, Armenians inherited hard work and craftsmanship. Therefore, they have long been famous for being excellent doctors, architects, farmers, jewellers.

Family Traditions

Armenia maintains strong family values. In large cities, family rituals are not as revered as in the past, but in villages, many traditions are remembered and preserved. For more information about family traditions in Armenia and Georgia click here.



Georgian mentality is characterized by warmth, openness, and hospitality. People take pride in their culture, language, and history. Georgians are inclined towards socializing and are friendly towards guests, creating a unique atmosphere of hospitality in the country.

Interpersonal Relationships

Georgians hold great respect for their elders and have a deep love for children. Locals see no strangers among children; they are ready to give sweets to any child or lift them up in their arms.

Georgians are highly sociable individuals, and it's uncommon for someone to dine alone in a cafe. If a person is having lunch alone, they may be perceived as lonely, and others may sympathize and invite them to join their table.

Georgians are known for their incredible hospitality. It is perhaps one of the most well-known characteristics of Georgian culture. If you happen to be invited to someone's home, be prepared to be welcomed with open hearts. They will treat you to delicious food, offer wine, and engage in warm conversations.

On the streets, if you ask anyone for directions, they will not only tell you but also show you, explain, and might even lead you by the hand.


Georgians are very talented singers and dancers. The country is famous for its unique polyphonic singing, characterized by harmonies and vocal complexities and traditional Georgian dance, with its energetic and rhythmic movements.


In Georgia, similar to Armenia, rushing is not a common practice. Georgians savor life and do not hurry anywhere. Therefore, if your Georgian acquaintance is running late, don't take it as a personal offense. Just accept the fact that Caucasus people have a different understanding of time.

Family Traditions

To learn interesting Georgian family customs and traditions read our post here

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