Responsible Travel


Arara Tour presents its Responsible Travel Policy. Responsible travel is about the attitude you exhibit and choices you make when traveling with respect to the benefit of the local population and its culture. All our tours are not only saturated and interesting but also provide benefits to the environment and the local communities. We strive to preserve the uniqueness of fragile remote places and small communities and to minimize the negative impact of tourism on local natural and cultural environments.

The aim of Arara Tour is to give a chance to our tourists to explore and experience the Armenian ancient culture and breathtaking landscapes, not only in an exciting way but also in a safe and responsible way. We aim to create better travel experiences for our customers and believe that the local communities can take a lot of benefits from responsible tourism. We assist to the communities with whom we collaborate so that they can earn an income.

Environmental responsibility

Our tours are created by taking into account the following environmental principles:

Economic responsibility

Along with environmental responsibility, we also focus on economic responsibilities.

Social responsibility
Guidelines for interacting with wildlife, whether at national parks or reserves

Travel to national parks and wildlife areas can bring positive economic benefits as entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and conservation of local flora and animal species, while visitors benefit from the educational aspects of the area and take away with them an increased awareness of the need and place for conservation.

Guidelines for visiting historic sites

Many of our tours offer opportunities to visit ancient places such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites where our entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and restoration of these unique places.

At popular areas:

Local food and restaurantsIn all our tours, we encourage clients to eat at locally-owned restaurants rather than global multinational companies which they’re familiar with at home. That not only provides clients with more authentic experience of local cuisine and culture but also supports local businesses and maintain their traditions in terms of cuisine and cooking methods. Our commitment to supporting local businesses means that these companies continue to prosper and develop their products and services. We have an excellent long-term relationship with small communities owning family-run guesthouses and small restaurants. We use local meal service wherever available to small communities benefit from tourism and add local flavor to trip.

Local excursions and adventure activities. Optional excursions are often an exciting part of a journey. We look for activities which will suit our clients’ varied tastes and budgets while supporting local operators and putting money back into local economies.

Local guides and local representatives. We have always used local operators, representatives and specialist guides. This ensures knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff, through guiding and support of local individuals and businesses. Our close relationships with local companies allow us to put more money back into the local economies. It also allows clients to gain greater insight into the local customs and traditions through their contact with our local operators.

Local accommodation. We offer travelers many opportunities to stay in homestay accommodation. We think that traveling to foreign countries provides a chance to experience new cultures and interact with new people.

Purchasing souvenirs from local artisans. In different regions of Armenia, there are small communities producing exquisitely hand-crocheted dolls who wear the costumes of traditional Armenian regions. The communities also produce hand-crocheted fridge magnets in shapes of fruits or animals.  The other community produces sewn products, including oven gloves, pot holders, aprons, blankets, cosmetic cases, and iPhone holders. During our trips, we visit local communities where tourists/visitors will meet and communicate with local residents, who are very respectful and friendly people.

We believe that
Our Clients
Staff and Office

The staff is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Many of the staff cycle or walk into work, some car-share and others use public transport. All paper, as well as aluminum cans and plastic, are recycled. Our offices endeavor to be environmentally sound through practicing energy conservation and adhering to recycling schemes.

For example: 

Staff Education

The staff at Arara Tour is asked to recycle all waste paper, cardboard, cans, and plastics, to turn off computers and appliances, air conditioning/heating and lights at night. We work at reducing our carbon footprint in our Offices. Through energy conservation measures and recycling policies, we are proud to be actively reducing the waste produced and our impact on the environment.


Electricity and technology


Most of our staff are quite active and live relatively close to the office, encouraged to walk or take public transport to work. We try to carpool wherever possible for events or use public transport


The staff is asked not to wash dishes under running taps, plug the sink instead.

Group Size

Our group tours have a maximum of 14 participants, meaning that we have a low impact on the environments and communities we visit. We do not disrupt or lead to the displacement of local people. The small number also allows us to stay in unique, family-run hotels that cannot benefit from coach tours and other mass tourism due to their limited sizes.

We believe the development of responsible operations is a process, not a step. So we would welcome any comments that would help us become more established in this sense. We are constantly refining our policy and any questions, comments or need further information about our Responsible Travel Policy, please contact