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Duration: 10 days/ 10 nights
Location: Armenia
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Paragliding Training

Paragliding training is a unique ten-day course during which professional paragliding lessons will be organized for you. The course is suitable for anyone who prefer active holidays full of new experiences and extreme emotions.


Highlights of the training

  • Take part in ten-day paragliding training
  • Feel the real adrenalin and extreme
  • Enjoy picturesque places of Armenia
  • Get the paragliding certificate

Paragliding is an indescribable extreme emotion, sensation of freedom, which cannot be experienced on the ground and is difficult to be conveyed in words. We invite everyone who wishes to take part in this exclusive ten-day course, during which a professional paragliding training will be organized for you. You will be trained by experienced pilot-instructors, who have all the necessary knowledge and experience in paragliding. Each of them is the holder of a professional license for conducting these courses.

The training corresponds to the second level of the international PARA PRO standard, approved by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). The ten-day course offers both theoretical and practical classes that are taught parallel. The training is open to all persons who have reached the age of majority and are not older than 60 years. At the end of the course, all participants will be granted with a qualification certificate, signed by the Paragliding Sport Federation of the Republic of Armenia.

Our flight places are located in the picturesque corners of Armenia. Not far from Yerevan, in the north-east of Kotayk region the Mount Hatis is located which is one of the most favorite places for the flights. The weather here is quite stable, and the relief simple enough with an unlimited level field for landing. The mount offers an indescribable view of the Ararat and Aragats mountains. Another popular place for flying are hills near Akhtamar Resort, located not far from Lake Sevan. From the height of your flight, you will enjoy the stunning views of the azure expanse of the lake and the surrounding mountains and hills.

Paragliding tour to Armenia will be interesting for anyone who prefers holidays full of adrenalin and extreme. The tour offers extreme emotions, stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, communication with attentive and friendly instructors and memories that will last forever!


Recommendation: We recommend visiting your personal doctor to get permission for participating in paragliding flights. Please note that the flight took place at an altitude of 2300-2400 m. above sea level, which is important to be taken into account for people who have problems with blood pressure and vestibular system.

Note: Paragliding depends on weather conditions. In case of bad weather, our company will offer you excursions around Yerevan, the price of which will not exceed 30 euros per trip.