Favorite site in the Caucasus
Armine believes that one of the most inspiring sights in Armenia is one of the first Christian Cathedrals in the world - Echmiadzin Cathedral. If you want to deeply experience the history and soul of the Armenian people, this place is a real must-see.
Why guide?
She has 9-year experience as a guide. She loves to acquaint tourists with the remarkable features of her homeland and infect them with her love to Armenia.
Random Facts
Armine leads cultural and religious tours in Armenia. With Armine, you will have an opportunity to see Armenia in all its facets both ancient and modern. She will make sure that you fall in love with our beautiful country from the first sight.
Guide reviews

Margarita Kargina

Hi Maria. We are already inside at the airport. Appreciate your 24 hours monitoring. Thank you once again. We are fully satisfied with your work

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Janet Rounds Dunn

My nephew, Daniel, my friend, Diane, and I took an amazing archaeological tour of Armenia this Sept 2016. Arara's Liana Levonyan arranged this most perfect private tour for us, providing our multi-talented guide, Armine and dear driver, Andrinak.
Armine is a working archaeologist and college professor (not to mention a singer/songwriter) who personally worked on most of the sites we visited. She explained in meaningful detail what we were seeing and her professional theories - connecting the importance of ancient Armenia to the development of our western world. Andrinak, a former engineer, was so professional; knowing shortcuts, more "comfortable" routes, provided help for us over rocks and up steep hills, and ensured the car was clean and comfortable. These two quickly became our teachers, treasured friends and family to us.
We saw sites and evidence of huge, walled prehistoric cities, many Iron Age civilizations, artifacts in national and local museums, burial sites of beloved warriors and kings, rock pictographs, 11th and 12th century monasteries and early Armenian churches. We spoke with archaeologists who were currently working on the sites and even jumped down into graves and pits for closer, first-hand looks! Truly a once in a lifetime experience for us!
Hotels and staff were great and food was delicious and abundant. We left our trip in love with this beautiful, historic land and its people.
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Yulia and Irina Kremneva

Guide: Armine Mirijanyan was our guide. She is knowledgeable, indifferent, helpful and patient guide. Armine is a real patriot in her hometown. We’ve known much more about past and present times of Armenia. She answered to our meticulous questions, even if we asked what was already heard. To listen to the guide was great pleasure. She is very sociable and professional. We understood Armine perfectly – knowledge of language is in good level.
Driver: We have several drivers. All drivers are distinguished by professionalism, intelligence and politeness. Cars were always reached at the hotel at time without forcing us to wait, drivers always responded to our requests.
Car: Cars that we went by to the excursion were comfortable. The cabin was clean.
Hotel: We liked the hotel, where we lived more than one week. Personnel were very affable, clear rooms, change of clothes on time, good cuisine (we had breakfast at the hotel). Taxi call, route description, any requests – all were done clearly, quickly and with a smile.
What did you like most in your trip? Every day I explored something new. I liked all tours to the churches, monasteries, Sevan Lake, Tsakhkadzor, meetings with interesting people (family of Harry Qeosayan, dolma master class), excursion around the city. I liked Armenian cuisine very much, lunches were unforgettable, and serving personnel was perfect – all was clear, accurate and professional. Sergey Parajanov Museum, pantheon, gallery… We charmed with Yerevan.
What didn’t you like in your trip? There is no disadvantage to write. All was in high level.
What would you add to your trip? I would add in the tour definite visit to the Parajanov Museum. Also, I would like to be in Tatev Monastery – maybe, one day I will come to Armenia again to see it.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, we’ve already told our friends about our holiday, shared emotions and gave your coordinates.
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