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Our small friendly team knows all about Armenia and is ready to organize an unforgettable trip for you!

Nune Tatunts
Executive Director

Tourism Specialist. Perfectly knows Armenian, Russian, English languages. Great organizer and tour coordinator. Nune will be pleased to organize any event or tour to Armenia for you.

Gagik Simonyan
Transport Manager

Graduated from National Polytechnic University of Armenia. By profession is an engineer. Will manage all the questions concerning transport for your traveling to Armenia.

Liana Levonyan
Tour Manager

Graduated from Russian-Armenian Slavonic University, Faculty of International Relations. Perfectly knows Armenian, Russian and English languages. Liana will be pleased to organize your holiday in Armenia.

Lusine Masuryan
Tour Manager

Graduated from the Yerevan State College of Humanities, Faculty of Tourism. Speaks Armenian, English and Russian languages. Lusine will be pleased to answer your questions and organize your holiday in Armenia.

Boris Sahakyan
Marketing Manager

Graduated from Yerevan State University, faculty of Physics. Speaks Armenian, Russian and English languages. Boris has a huge contribution to the creation and promotion of “Arara” web site.

Andrea Pessl
German Client Consultant

Has a diploma in Art and Communication Management from Vienna Business School. Fluent in German, English and French. Andrea is looking forward to finding the perfect tour to Armenia for you!

Arpine Petrosyan
Marketing Specialist for Russia and CIS countries

Graduated from the State Pedagogical Institute of Armenia. Is fluent in Armenian and Russian languages. Arpine is responsible for marketing researchers for Russia and CIS countries.

Dzovag Soghomonian
B2B Marketing Manager

Graduated from the French University in Armenia, faculty of Marketing. Speaks Armenian, Arabic, English, and French. Dzovag is responsible for marketing researchers and developing marketing strategies.