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We at AraraTour, a travel company in Armenia, know first-hand what can be the impact of tourism on local communities. We strive to preserve uniqueness of fragile remote places and small communities, and to minimize the negative impact of tourism on local natural and cultural environments. Responsible travel is about the attitude you exhibit and choices you make when travelling with respect to benefit local population, and their culture.

Some of the responsible travel features embedded into Arara Tour trips include:

  • Minimising plastic waste where possible

We don’t use plastic bags, plates, bottles etc.  – only recyclable bags and utensils that can be used more than once are used.

  • Careful management of limited energy and water resources

Recent times the issue of the Earth’s global warming makes people think about alternative energy resources (solar, wind energy). We try to chose accommodation with  alternative energy system where available.

  • Buying locally produced food and drink

We have an excellent long-term relationship with small communities owning family run guesthouses and small restaurants. We use local meal service wherever available to small communities benefit from tourism and add local flavor to trip. While helping to generate future employment for local people we don’t forget about trip value and add some fresh homemade food and authentic life experience to trip.

  • Purchasing souvenirs from local artisans

In different regions of Armenia there are small communities producing  exquisitely hand-crocheted dolls who wear the costumes of traditional Armenian regions. The communities also produce hand-crocheted fridge magnets in shapes of fruits or animals.  The other community produces sewn products, including oven gloves, pot holders, aprons, blankets, cosmetic cases, and iPhone holders.

During our trips we visit local communities where tourists/visitors will get a chance to meet and communicate with local residents, who are very respectful and friendly people.

  • Offering real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding

We believe the development of responsible operations is a process not a step. So we would welcome any comments that would help us become more established in this sense. If you have any questions, comments or need further information about our Responsible Travel Policy, please contact .