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Камень "портакар"Infertility is a disease that’s rapidly growing. Every year the number of people suffering from it is increasing, and the causes are numerous and different. This disease is not new: it has been mentioned since ancient times.

Today, the medicine is constantly developing, and almost every day a group of scientists and doctors are working on the invention of different medicines for struggling against various diseases. And lots of measures has been developed for infertility curing. For example, the total in vitro fertilization. For people who lived a few centuries ago, such methods would have seemed a miracle.

There are lots of places in the world, after visiting which according to the legends, one can experience the happiness of the motherhood. Armenia is not an exception. Many years ago, the infertility here was considered the greatest misfortune, and people perform various ceremonies to get rid of it.

One of them will be discussed further. In Armenia, near the Sisian town, in the middle of a rocky area there is a roundish stone. Armenians call it “portokar” (“navel stone”). It is an oblong cornerstone created by the nature.

According to the legend, this navel stone can help infertile women to have children, which requires several rituals. We have heard only two rituals associated with this stone. According to the first, before proceeding to a particular ritual, the woman should make a pilgrimage to the Tatev Monastery or Vorotnavank. The octagonal handmade pillars are preserved there. The woman should light candles, kiss the columns and pray to God. Then, returning to the stone, she had to bare her belly and lie down on the navel stone, and so in a lying position, hammer nails. According to the tradition, this action indicates a great desire to have a child.

Talking about the mysterious properties of the stone with gynecologists and ethnographers it became clear that their views on the issue coincide. The experts believe that the stone does not have any supernatural powers. Everything happens through the power of faith and self-suggestion.

There are so many opinions about the legends associated with this navel stone (Պորտաքար). It is up to you whether to believe or not. However, during your visit to Armenia, along with other sites you can visit this interesting place.



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