What types of tours do you lead
Cultural, hiking
How many years are you in tourism
11 years
What attracts you about the work of a tour guide
I love meeting people from all over the world
Guide reviews

Ken Kanjian 17.09.2017

My family and I have now returned safely to Sydney (New York in the case of my eldest daughter)  and are resuming our daily lives but with very fond memories of our stay in Armenia. It was a truly wonderful time for us and we were fortunate to have your guidance in planning the itinerary and in having Ara as our accompanying and knowledgeable tour guide and Ardag as our most skilled driver.
As my eldest daughter said to me as we were leaving Armenia, there was something in the itinerary for each one of us. There was culture, religion, art, wine tasting, excellent food, history, beautiful scenery and panoramic walks – an eclectic blend. We loved Yerevan and its nightlife. We loved the hospitality and friendliness of the common folk – I in particular felt at home even though my Armenian is not very good. I had waited all my life (60 years) to make this pilgrimage and I was not disappointed.
It is very good to see that Armenia is a sovereign and independent state but I was able quite quickly to pick up on the undercurrent of problems which this young state faces. Nevertheless, I regard the existence of the state to be a miracle of sorts and I have every confidence that the intelligence and resourcefulness of the Armenian people will resolve their difficulties one by one and overtime. After all, do not forget that it took centuries of evolution and progress for the West to develop its present day administrative institutions and legal system. These critical underpinnings of society do not occur in short periods but take many years to evolve and require the goodwill and selflessness of generations to bring about fair and equitable societies.
The trip there and back was quite arduous. Our trip to Armenia took 32 hours from Sydney and the return trip was even longer because of an overnight layover in Dubai. Distance is tyrannical for us but I can say without reservation that if Yerevan was say only four hours away by plane, I would gladly visit two or three times a year – that is how much I liked your city and country.

Thank you again for your assistance.

With my best wishes
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Tabitha Laigle 26.11.2014

What did you like best in your trip? Arara travel company created the best itinerary for my husband and me.   We saw beautiful monasteries surrounded gorgeous landscapes. My favorite place was Tatev Monastery. I also love Geghard Monastery and Noravank Monastery.
What didn't you like in trip? I loved every thing about the trip, but my least favorite stop was at Jermuk. I liked it, but it cannot be compared to the other amazing sites.
What would you add to your trip? Nune was also very helpful and always responded to my e-mails the same day. Your feedback about your guide: I was afraid that we would not be able to see Tatev Monastary because of the weather, but Ara, our driver/guide was an amazing driver.  He made our trip very special.  He was very patient and accommodating. He taught us about Armenia culture and answered all of questions.  I really felt like we made a new friend. Your feedback about your driver: Ara had brand new tires which came in handy with the snow.  The car was clean and comfortable.
Hotels: Cascade Hotel was in an excellent location in Yerevan, and their breakfast was good. The family at B&B in Goris was very friendly. The breakfast was simple.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Absolutely!  We had a wonderful vacation and want to come back soon. 

Thank you!

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